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The Bar & Bat Mitzvah is the moment in the Jewish life cycle that most deeply defines who Jews are as a people. The Bat & Bar Mitzvah ceremony celebrates the link in an unbroken chain of thousands of years of Jewish tradition. The words Bar & Bat Mitzvah literally mean “Son & Daughter of the Mitzvah.” In addition to meaning “commandment” the word Mitzvah also means “connection.” When a child reaches to the age of Bat & Bar Mitzvah, she/he assumes a greater maturity in her/his connection to Torah and Mitzvot, to her/his own Jewish identity, to the Jewish people as a whole, and to G‑d.

According to the Torah, a Bar & Bat Mitzvah is a young man who has reached the age of 13 and a young woman who has reached the age of 12. Our sages teach that at the age of 13/12 young men and women are endowed with a greater capacity for both seeking to do good and seeking selfish pursuits. This age marks the young adult’s arrival at the crossroads of moral and spiritual decision making that is engaged in by mature adults.

A Bar & Bat Mitzvah is more than a party; it's a life changing experience. At the Chabad Center we teach what it means to be a Bar & Bat Mitzvah in a new millennium. The goal is to instill in the Bnai Mitzvah Jewish pride and values. We challenge and stimulate these young adults as they undergo profound physical, emotional, and intellectual changes. We also provide a forum for discussion and discovery of the true meaning of Bar & Bat Mitzvah to encourage learning more about this unique time in their lives, to gain new perspectives in their role as adults and as Jews.

All Bnei Mitzvah must complete four years of Chabad Hebrew School. In addition to learning how to read, they learn about Jewish history and culture. We also have a Bat Mitzvah club for the young girls. All in all we endeavor to make Judaism as exciting as possible to these young members.

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