When Rabbi Michel and Chani Gurkov moved to Wayne in 1991, there was no women’s Mikvah in the area. Women had to travel at night to other neighborhoods to keep the beautiful Mitzvah of Mikvah each month.

In 2000, during the construction of the Chabad Center of Passaic County, we knew that plans for a women’s Mikvah would be included.  “We wanted our Mikvah to be beautiful; a place where women would feel so comfortable that they would want to return each month” said Chani Gurkov, Co-Director of The Chabad Center. True to their vision, Mikvah Mei Menachem was opened just one year after the entire building was finished.
Today, the Mikvah is visited regularly by local women and others from neighboring towns. Additionally, the Mikvah is also frequented by those traveling and finding themselves in the Wayne area when they are in need of a Mikvah.  
"This is the most beautiful Mikvah I have ever seen," is what we usually hear from visitors.   

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