Ambassadors of Light Initiative

  • The Lubavitcher Rebbe sent his emissaries, the Shluchim and Shiluchos, out to every corner of the world to connect Jewish people and communities to their heritage. Most importantly, he did not just send the Shluchim to inspire others, rather to make it that those who become motivated will themselves, go on to inspire event more people. 

    Every encounter a person has, should lead to a positive outcome, not just a one time good deed, but that each person goes on and effects another person as well. That's why here at Chabad we are starting a new initiative, where every person in our community can become an emissary of the Rebbe as well, an ambassador of light. Beginning with Chanukah, anyone who wishes to participate will be given up to 20 menorahs kits. These kits should be given out to anyone in your circle of influence who needs one. In this way you will not just be lighting the menorah in your home, but you will have caused the light of Chanukah to shine in 20 more homes! 

    And who knows maybe those 20 people will invite another 20 people to experience the joy and holiness of the Chanukah lights.So if you are ready to spread goodness and kindness around you fill out the form below so we can set aside the menorahs for you to go and spread the light of Judaism.

  • How will you be active in Mitzvah Chanukah?
    Five ways to recruit and inspire every Jew to take on greater responsibility for Mitzvah Chanukah in our collective work.

    When giving a friend or family member a menorah to light, give them an additional menorah and challenge them to find a friend or relative to light the menorah, and you will have DOUBLED the lights of Chanukah.

    Chanukah Party:
    Host a party for friends and relatives at home, and your coworkers in the office. We can provide you with menorahs to distribute.

    Social Media:
    Post on your personal Facebook page if anyone needs a menorah. Set a time to deliver the menorah and capture the moment on social media with a picture.

    Chanukah Message:
    Attend a special Torah lesson to take back and share at your family Chanukah parties.

    Corporate Lights:
    Many employers have holiday displays in their workplace. LIGHT UP your corporate life by arranging a large electric Menorah display at your office.


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