Dear Friends,

This year the Chabad Center will be offering again the opportunity of a membership to each of you. In our effort to be inclusive for families of every income level, Chabad Membership Dues have been designed to be as low as possible. However, if you are capable, please consider participating at a higher level of membership dues. This will allow us to cover our expenses and continue to expand our programs & services.
  • Patron: $5,000
  • Pillar: $3,500
  • Benefactor: 1,800
  • Family Membership: $945
  • Single Membership: $515
Your membership will include 2 fixed seats for the High Holidays, or 1 fixed seat for a single membership. Additional seats for Member’s immediate family & children who live in your household, will be available at a reduced rate both for Fixed seats, (each fixed seat includes membership) and folding seats. See below.
If you choose not to be a member you are more than welcome to join our service. Non-members will be assigned folding seats only. The seats for Adults are $190 Children are $120. You may choose your seats on the dates specified below.
Being that the Sanctuary has limited fixed seats, these seats will be assigned to Members Only.
The Chabad Center will be holding services in its beautiful Synagogue at 194 Ratzer Road in Wayne, NJ 07470. As in the past, a wonderful Cantor will lead a most traditional and inspirational service. In addition, we will have a Junior Congregation and baby-sitting service for the smaller children.
This year we are again offering Members the opportunity of selecting specific seats for the High Holidays. All you need to do is come in to the Chabad Center to select your specific seats or you may call the office for a specific seat.
Two dates have been set aside for specific seat selection. Seat selections will be on Tuesday September 4th 7:00-8:30 PM and Thursday, September 6th 7:00-8:30 PM. A chart will be available and you can select any available seats. Seats will be first come first serve.
For those who send in their reservations by mail and cannot attend the specific seat selection, we will assign them a seat. Reservations for non-members will also be taken and they will be guaranteed a seat after all members have chosen or been given their seats, until we have reached capacity.
We are sorry but we cannot take any phone or verbal reservations. Only this filled out form, with payment sent to our office in advance will reserve you a seat. Please be considerate and do not ask any of our staff in person or by phone or e-mail, to reserve a seat for you.
Please make sure that children sit with you during services (if they are old enough), or have them stay with the baby-sitter or Junior Congregation.
Please make your reservation to join us on the holidays, for a truly meaningful and beautiful service. We will read selections from the service in English as well as in Hebrew. May the coming New Year be filled with the health and Mazel you deserve. 

Reservations For High Holiday Seats


Two Adult High Holiday fixed seats are included with Family membership. Or 1 fixed seat for a single membership


Adult Member/s

Single $515

Family $945

Names of Adults



First & Last Name

  Adult Member
Additional seats @ $250 fixed seat, $130 folding Seat



Address   Names of Adults
City   Child Member
@ $250 fixed seat, $100 folding Seat(up to age 17)



State   Names of Children

Adult Non-Member @$190ea Folding Seats Only



Phone   Names of Adult
Mobile   Child Non-Member @$120 ea (up to age 17) Folding Seats Only



Email   Name of children

Junior Service / Baby-Sitting Fee - $13 per Day per Child


  Child Names  

Sub Total for all Seats:

Endowing a Siddur/ Chumash

Please consider endowing 1 or 2 or as many you would like, Prayer Books and/or Chumashim in honor of a loved ones Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Birthday, Anniversary, Yahrzeit or any other special occasion. A sticker of recognition will be placed in the books and a letter in recognition of your kindness will be sent at your request.

One Siddur @ $45 One Chumash @ $50
Three Siddurimr $130 Three Chumashim @ $48 for $144
Five Siddurim for $217 Ten Chumashim @$46 for $460
Seven Siddurim for $304 Fifteen Chumashim @ $45 for $675
Ten Siddurim for $430 Twenty Five Chumashim @ $44 for $1100
Sixteen Siddurim for $695 Thirty six Chumashim @ $43 for $1548
Thirty Two Siddurim @ $1385 Eighty Chumashim @ $40 for $3200
I would like to Endow In Honor of:
I would like to Endow In Memory of:

Sub Total for Siddur/Chumash:

Yizkor Booklet

We are approaching the High Holidays, a time when Yizkor memorial prayers are recited. With this in mind, we are offering you an opportunity to help remember your loved ones.

We will once again be printing a Yizkor Book, a book of remembrance for the upcoming year. The booklet will list the names of your loved ones. The Yizkor booklet will be available at the Chabad Center on Erev Yom Kippur. By participating in this book, your loved ones will be remembered.

Click here to purchase a Memorial Plaque

Please list their Hebrew names and their father’s Hebrew name at $10.00 a Name

Name Father
Name Father
Name Father
Name Father
Name Father
Name Father
Name Father
Name Father
Name Father
Name Father
Remembered By:  
Sub Total for Yartzheit :  
I will volunteer to build the Sukkah on Sunday Sept. 16th 9:00 -11am, YES


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I will mail in a check (Please make check payable to Chabad Center 194 Ratzer Road, Wayne, NJ, 07470.

Seats will be reserved upon receipt of payment)

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