The Shmuel Karnowsky (obm) Scholarship Fund

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Dear Friend;

Winter is here and Summertime has gone…yet it will be here again sooner than we can imagine. It is a time that kids relish. A time for fun, for friendship and for carefree days. A time for..summer camp. That is if you can afford it.

At the beginning of this past summer, our family and community suffered a tremendous loss and shock with the untimely passing of the son of our Cantor and his wife, Osher and Rivkah Karnowsky.

Shmuel was a caring friend with a positive attitude who was beloved by all that knew him. Shmuel had plans to spend the summer with a group of his friends traveling through South Africa for an unforgettable camp experience. Unfortunately, his plans were cut short and his soul returned to its maker at the tender age of 16.

Knowing how much Shmuel looked forward to camp each year, we have started the Shmuel Karnowsky Scholarship fund. Our goal is to send one boy each year to camp that would otherwise not get the opportunity to do so.

We will be partnering with Shmuel’s school to make sure that this is a yearly scholarship in his memory. This is a new project of The Chabad Center of Passaic County and we hope to continue this scholarship for many years. Our first boy will be selected for the 2020 session of summer camp.

We ask that you join us by contributing whatever you can to help us achieve this goal in memory of Shmuel. This mitzvah of tzedakah will surely elevate the soul of Shmuel and keep his memory close in our hearts always. Click here to donate to The Shmuel Karnowsky (obm) Scholarship fund.

With best wishes for a successful and joyous year.

Rabbi Michel and Chani Gurkov
Rabbi Mayer and Chanie Gurkov