Dear Parents,

We are anticipating the discharge and pickup for Sunday Hebrew School to go quickly and safely. Keep in mind, these guidelines for your convenience and for your child's safety.  

 For Pickup - First car must pull up until large rock in the Circle

 Please do not park in the circle area - even for a moment

 Please follow the Flow of Arrows. Stay to the right of the driveway at all times.

 Do not park anywhere where there is an arrow flow

 Do not park in the first 5 parking spots in the backyard

 A teacher will be present to escort your children to your cars – Please do not turn off or leave your cars.   Please pull up as the cars in front of you move up.

 If you need to park your car somewhere, either use the 4 available spots in the backyard, or you can double park in front of the cars parked in the four spots, or park in the Kohl’s Parking lot next door

Parking rules and diagram.jpg