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  • Ladies Lunch and LearnFeed your mind. Nourish your Soul. Delight your senses. Join other woman as we discuss the current Torah portion over a delicious lunch. Tuesday, May 26 at 12 pm, at The Chabad Center
  • Nepal Jewish Relief Emergency FundClick here to donate
  • Holocaust LectureClick here to RSVP
  • Youth ProgramsChabad Youth programs are committed to providing the highest quality range of services and programs to all Jewish youth in the area.Read More
  • BabyccinoJoin other Jewish parents and kids as we explore the child's world through story, song, cooking, crafts and circle time.Read More
  • Hebrew School ClassesHave your child experience the fun in Judaism!Sign Up Today!
  • Mezuzah Campaign 2015What is a mezuzah and what is its significance in the Jewish home? Click here to join the Mezuzah Campaign 2015! Read More
  • CteenCTeen offers programs that bring teens together to embrace their shared faith and give back to their communities and the environment.Read More
  • Learn the Parshah In DepthCommentaries culled from the broad corpus of Jewish scholarshipRead More
  • My Heart SpeaksCan words really describe those moments of despair, worry, concern, deep love and desperation?Read More
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    Tzeit Hakochovim (nightfall)

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